Technical Design Support

Experience and professionalism at your disposal to solve any problem within the scope of ITS systems.


Through our 70 years of know-how on site applications, we had the opportunity to gain experience and professionalism, that we will reserve you to solve any problem might happen in the ITS business field.


La Semaforica will also assist you if occur the need to develop a technical specification for a tender, to submit a project improvement of a contract already acquired, etc.

A team of experts at your service, able to listen your requests and turn them into reality by designing solutions and providing answers to your exigencies.

The use of innovative materials, the choice of strategies and compliance with regulatory are the keys on which we base our design proposals.

Technical specification of products, price list, drawings of construction details (traffic lights, pedestrian pushbuttons, traffic light poles, building details etc etc) , diagrams of traffic lights phases/timing and much more are available to our clients to ensure project quality increasingly adapted to the standards at present.

Other services

Traffic solution for a better life

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