With our specialized staff we are able to install any type of ITS equipment according to your needs.


La Semaforica, thanks to its 70 years of company history and know-how, with our own operational teams composed of highly qualified staff through internal and external training, using the most modern equipment and resources to perform its activities offers the following services:

  • Supply and installation of traffic junction composed of:
    • Advanced Traffic controllers with microprocessor
    • LED Traffic lights made by polycarbonate and / or aluminum
    • Acoustic devices for blinds in accordance to CEI 214-7
  • Luminous Road Signs, Variable Message Signs “VMS”, Municipality LED Info-display panels, Pedestrian Luminous Road Signs, Luminous Road columns
  • Maintenance of any kind of traffic junctions equipment brand, in according to art. 38 ch. 7 of the Italian Road Rule and to the normative CEI EN 50556
  • Supply and on site installation and Maintenance of access control systems called Restricted Traffic Zone ( RTZ)
  • Supply and on site installation of centralized weather detection stations, asphalt (ice, …) and road visibility
  • Supply and on site installation of traffic data classifier stations used for the vehicular classification and counting
  • Supply and on site installation of centralization Software and remote control of traffic lights, VMS, monitoring traffic data classifier stations, weather, parking guidance, control flooding underpassesSupply and on site installation of air climate Sentries Boxes used for the protection of the Metropolitan Traffic Police.


The installation is performed by qualified Staff according to certified standards and safety’s, if necessary with use of trucks with cranes or overhead platforms for working at height altitude.
For working on the road in presence of traffic, the site will be set up by authorized personnel, with all the equipment and signs required by the Road Law Rule.


La Semaforica thanks to its 70 years of company history and know-how directly on site, can suggests you the better solution for a real state of the art’s installation.

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