Our helpdesk is always at your service, for any request for information and technical assistance.


Our help desk is always at your service. For inquiries about informations and manuals, to get in touch with specialists from various fields such as installers, maintenance engineers, programmers or to request a visit from one of our technicians or maintenance of your system.


La Semaforica’s helpdesk can monitoring autonomously by remote all your equipment and contact you or your teams operating in the event of failure and / or malfunction even before you know it!


If you have already signed a maintenance and service’s contract with La Semaforica you can take advantage of the management and planning’s service of all maintenance activities, provided under applicable law, be able to get a full report on the actual state of your equipment and the errors / anomalies.


La Semaforica’s on-call service , can be activated/added at any time on your maintenance contract, will give you the opportunity to enjoy all the services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
A very essential for maximum efficiency with reduced intervention time on traffic lights junctions or traffic management systems crucial in the daily life of your city.

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TMacs online error reporting

Aiming to ensure a more and more attentive and quality to our customers we offer a performance reporting errors, failures and malfunctions web-based application for all devices connected to TMacs


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