Alphanumeric variable message signs

VMS message variable signs for displaying general information (municipal, tourism, emergency, traffic ETC. .. ), available in different types of products, used in pedestrian areas, on the street side and on the top of the road in accordance with appropriate format and configurations.

Possible configurations allow you to view text mode fixed or flashing of up to 30 pages automatic scanning or by programming schedule.
Available Configurations with height of the characters 50/100/150/200 and 300 mm are: 2 to 6 lines with 12 to 24 characters of which the last line can be configured to display of sliding text with 130 characters (only for pedestrian areas – 50 mm and 100 mm).

In option on the first line you can view the time, date and on the second one the temperature.
Available with LED retrostatica area illumination with logo and written of common reference.

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Technical characteristics of the housing

The casing of the full panel consists of a frame aluminum (alloy 6060), made with special assembled welding, treated with epoxy powder coating for exterior (optional can be made stainless steel containers).

The front screen is made of thick polycarbonate 4/6/8 mm, depending on the size of the display to to protect the broken front from vandalism. The display areas for the fixed message (logo, city and customizations) are decorated on the inside surface with PVC sticker in order to obtain a correct floodlit for the static.

The area devoted to the variable message is transparent and numerical display are protected from overheating by a special aluminium plate adequately treated to meet every single led. The container is closed posteriorly with hinge door vertically, with special seals and closed with locks triangular key.

The achievement, totally aluminum, and the front screen means that is not necessary to install any ventilation system. The maximum temperature reached within dumpster is perfectly in rules of operation, until temperatures outside air of 45 ° and in the presence of irradiation direct sunlight.

Top static plate is made in aluminum with epoxy powder, white colour with logos and written custom PVC sticker.
Degree of protection IP54.

Power Supply

  • 230 Vac
  • through public lighting.
  • photovoltaic panel

Technical characteristics of display

  • Color Amber (588Nm)
  • Driving LED Static
  • Character height 100 mm
  • Matrix 8×5
  • Led per pixel 1
  • Width of character 62.5 mm
  • Distance between characters 25mm
  • Center distance between pixels 12.5 mm
  • Density pixel / sqm 6400
  • Brightness: 4,000 cd / sqm
  • Contrast ratio> 5 to 40,000 lux
  • Average lifetime of LED 100,000 hours
  • Angle of horizontal visibility 120°
  • Angle of vision vertically 60°
  • Input RS232
  • Adjusting the brightness automatically
  • Area static backlit with automatic ignition
  • Power supply 230Vac + / – 10% – 300W max


(Panels for information and city roads)
Software to manage variable message signs for display of general information.
The management software allows the inclusion of a map of the City and positioning SW half of each device to simplify the localization of the same.
Each panel is monitored and highlighted on the map of his state showing the displayed messages.

The software is used to update only alphanumeric panels from 2 to 6 lines of which the last may be sliding, and allows inserting of text, in grids, which reproduce the resolution of selected panel, which allow you to write only professional fields with the ability to center the text in the line.

The scrolling display (only) on the last line, can be activated (by command), with the inclusion of a maximum of 130 characters.
If you enable the display sets the last line, you can select the viewing of the whole page or in fixed mode flashing.
Each panel will have a different resolution and different number of pageviews.
The program can send to the panel from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 30 pages

Special settings for Panel:

  • Insert the temperature – Date and Time and Minute

Features and options that the software provides:

  • Viewing the map with the positioning of the panels inserted
  • Ability to display date – time and temperature
  • View your last submission made to the panel. (for example, clicking on the icon you can view pages sent to a panel.
  • Enter events in the calendar that lets you send more files automatically stored at a given time to one or more panels.


RS/232 serial, GPRS modem with interfacing to a remote server on IP.

Data sheet

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