TrafiCam Series

Vehicle Presence Sensor

The TrafiCam Series of vehicle presence sensors combines a CMOS camera and video detector together to make two specialized products:

  • TrafiCam: vehicle presence sensor for standalone use
  • TrafiCam x-stream: vehicle presence sensor and data collector with video streaming

Both the TrafiCam and TrafiCam X-Stream sensors are used for detection and monitoring of moving and stationary vehicles at signalized intersections. via detection outputs or via IP protocol, vehicle presence information is transmitted to the traffic controller so that signal timing can be adjusted dynamically.
This way, vehicle waiting time at traffic lights is reduced and traffic flows are optimized.

The smart TrafiCam sensors are a cost-effective and reliable alternative to inductive loops.

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Direct visual verification

The TrafiCam series allows you to exactly position and verify the vehicle presence detection zones. Since these zones are displayed on a video image, you can easily reposition them to adapt to changing traffic situations.

Multiple & direction-sensitive

TrafiCam and TrafiCam X-Stream detect vehicles, day and night, in up to 16 zones. This allows vehicle presence detection over different lanes. The TrafiCam series has detection zones indicating presence of vehicles moving in a specific direction.

Easy and fast installation

TrafiCam is easy to install. You can simply mount it on existing infrastructure.

Key functions

  • Vehicle presence detection at intersections
  • Data collection (TrafiCam X-Stream only)


Traficam X-Stream

TrafiCam X-Stream offers a number of additional capabilities over the standard TrafiCam sensor.

Video Streaming
Stream full frame rate video with MPEG-4 or H.264 compression for seamless system and traffic monitoring directly from your control room. Its user-friendly web interface allows TrafiCam X-Stream users to manage their video sources online.

Traffic Data Collection
TrafiCam X-Stream is also a cost-effective solution for traffic data collection (volume, speed, occupancy, gap time, headway and classification on multiple lanes), queue detection and traffic flow monitoring on highways and inter-urban roads.

It can be used for temporary data collection or on a more permanent basis.


  • All-in-one sensor (camera + video detection)
  • Non-intrusive, above-ground installation
  • Real-time verification and monitoring
  • Real-time traffic view

Data sheet

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