Totem Bike

Totem Bike Counter

Make your citizens more aware of their participa- tion in the fight against pollution, our TOTEM Bike Counter will display day and night the information collected from different traffic monitoring stations, combining multiple technologies for accurate results.

Data collected will be available remotely through the TMacs Platform, and displayed real-time after data validation to avoid showing non-reliable specifics.

The information that appears on the TOTEM could be various and different, from the number of bikes counted in the last day, last month, even year, the current date and time or even the amount of CO2 saved thanks to the cyclists of your city, promoting the fundamental concept of sustainable mobility.

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Data visualization is important but the eye should be pleased as well, for this specific reason our TOTEM comes in a resistant aluminum frame that is customizable to best fit the area it will be installed in or to better represent your municipality, to inspire a proud sense of ownership in your cyclists.

The beautiful display full color LED will be respon- sible for the clarity and appearance of the informa- tion displayed.

If the situation requires for a more discrete solution TOTEM can be delivered as a smaller display mounted directly to a pole.

La Semaforica’s TOTEM is perfectly integrated in the TMacs Smart City environment, thanks to the TMacs platform in fact TOTEM can display data collected from all the different TMacs-compatible traffic monitoring stations, to allow a seamless and shared vision throughout the entire city and celebrate sustainability as a whole.

Need to share custom messages? TMacs has you covered in this sense also, from our platform it is possible to schedule custom messages and deploy them to all the TOTEMs connected in one single step.

Thanks to the MacsVisual module of the TMacs platform it is possible to view and analyze data collected from the sensors on field to better inform decisions in your city’s traffic management.

Single sided TOTEM

64 x 128 pixel Graphic area
Full Color RGB 320 x 640mm, 5mm steps 2460 x 433 x 130,5 mm total dimensions

Double sided TOTEM

Double 64 x 32 pixel Graphic area
Full Color RGB 320 x 160mm on each side, 5mm steps 2460 x 433 x 261 mm total dimensions

Single sided or Double sided Display

64 x 64 pixel Graphic area
Full Color RGB 320 x 320mm, 5mm steps
620 x 694 x 90 mm total dimensions with frame

Data sheet

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