acoustic pedestrian traffic light

Sonus DNV integrates into the traditional traffic light the module with acoustic warning device for the
orientation of the visually impaired on systems with pedestrian crossings.
A modern and practical acoustic guidance device equipped with many smart functions that can be activated according to specific needs, such as the call to the pole, adjustable volume and integration with the Leti Smart system.
Built in a modular polycarbonate case with a minimalistic and elegant design, it is suitable for being integrated with traffic lights of the Galileo series as an extension of the regular models as a retrofit on traffic lights of the CVE series or as a single separate device that can be installed with a specific
Thanks to the powerful acoustic speaker and the electronic control board, it is able to perform different
functions depending on the country and the regulations in use.
Easily orientable, SONUS DNV is simple to use even where the pole supporting the pedestrian traffic light is installed distant from the pedestrian crossing.


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  • Elegant and modern design
  • IP55 protection rating
  • Easily orientable
  • Modular installation
  • Leti Smart compatible
  • Operation foreseen by the Italian highway code is available
  • Available with call to the booking request pole
  • Operating range -40 + 60 °C


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