Pedestrian Crossing Luminous Sign

SLP60 is a two-sides LED-backlit signal produced and built by La Semaforica to alert drivers to the arrival of a non-traffic lights controlled pedestrian crossing.

The signal is proposed in 2 basic configurations:

Backlit two-sides led, 60x60xcm (effective measure 65×72), attacks for flag-installation mode at the pole from d.90 to bigger, possibility of fixing through band-it or with M8 screws, 230 Vac (thanks to the internal integrated power supply) 45 Watt consumption maximum.

Backlit double-sides led, 60x60xcm (effective measure 65×81.5) with No 4 flashing lights (2 for each side) d.100, attacks for flag-installation mode at the pole from d.90 to bigger, possibility of fixing through band-it or with M8 screws , 230 Vac (thanks to the internal integrated power supply) 55 Watt maximum consumption.

Complies with UNI EN12899

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Functional description

SLP60 thanks to the translucent reflective film class 2 ensures a visibility in the standard even in the case of lack of electricity and therefore of the source of internal lighting.

It can be connected to the public lighting network and can be switched on together with or it can be powered independently.

Also in the version with the 4 flashing lights 100 mm (flashing lights BASIC102 certified EN12352 L2H 15 W) amber color, you can choose the continuous blinking or on activation by touch button or pedestrian detection radar.

The 4 flashing lights can also be powered 24 H, if the signal is connected to the public streetlights network, by means of an external battery box with buffer battery and charge controller (power supply kit / battery 7 A / h L50 flash 10%).


SLP60 can be installed on the straight of the pole, to be combined to the traditional SLP signal (90×90) placed on the mast arm, therefore as a reinforcement of the signalling to the drivers.

It can also be installed as an integral part of the SMART system with external high-bay/streetlight lights (STRATOS streetlights for illuminate pedestrian crossings) that are activated by a touch button, increasing their brightness and therefore the luminous contrast.

Option with Italo Illuminator

ITALO is our solution for low to medium tension needs in street lighting.
It is the best ally of the municipalities to achieve energy-saving targets.
Modern and the positive aesthetic impact design in urban environments, available in different colors.
Tempered glass to protect the optics and LEDs.
Available photovoltaic version.

Photobiological risk-free certified optics.

Proprietary optics with full cutoff:

  • High comfort for road users thanks to an extra low level of glare
  • Light Pollution Elimination
  • Maximum precision light control

Available control systems:

  • 1-10V / DALI
  • Virtual midnight
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Motion detection / Twilight
  • Powerline Carrier
  • Lineswitch.

Data sheet

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