Sentinel Lumina

Sentinel, the first “Smart” traffic light

Sentinel is the first “Smart” traffic light currently available on the market.

Built inside the traffic light’s housing Giotto vandal-proof, made entirely of aluminum to be durable and at the same time aesthetically very stylish and refined.

Sentinel integrates a camera with high technical characteristics which thanks to the dedicated algorithm is able to detect vehicular traffic on real time and to adapt the traffic light signalisation with adaptive mode.

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The system is fully integrated into the TMacs platform using all its potentiality adjustments and thanks to the management interface AUT is able to configure the vehicle detection zones and set all configurations remotely in addition to provide the whole operating parameters for continuous monitoring of the performance.

Remote configuration and timing implementation with adaptive traffic lights mode make it a easy to integrate and modern product, that combines with the highest levels of ITS standards


  • Robust and unobtrusive
  • Design aesthetics to meet the standards of most demanding urban architecture
  • Adaptive
  • Configurable remotely thanks to the platform TMacs
  • Avoid installing sensors outside the system which can be vandalized
  • Provides vehicle traffic flow data
  • Available for 200 and 300 mm traffic lights on GIOTTO’s series

Thanks to the SAFETY GO APP it is able to guarantee the preference of the associated vehicles within it and authorized by the platform.

Data sheet

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