Safety Go

System for traffic light priority

What is SAFETY GO?
Safety Go is the system to improve better the traffic light priority that benefits the emergency vehicles and authorized vehicles based on APP for mobile devices. It allows to interrupt the traffic light cycle, to extend, to reduce or anticipate the green light in favor of the vehicles managed by the system and provide the green wave in the next traffic junctions.

Near a traffic light junction, the activation of Safety GO APP with a smartphone or tablet with GPS, allows to locate the position, speed and direction of the vehicle. The TMacs Cloud Server acquires the request, communicating to an actuator connected to the traffic controller on the road that allows to provide the green light blocking other vehicular currents. Constant communication with TMacs Server stores the requests for priorities that are recorded to guarantee the absolute traceability and security of the system operations.

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Emergency vehicles into service, equipped with visual displays to light and sound, may derogate from the rules of the movement, however, are not exempt from the adoption of the necessary precautions in relation to traffic and road conditions, so as not to cause hazards for people. There is always the risk that vehicular traffic flow in conflict can engage the traffic junction and can cause accidents with emergency vehicles endangering the lives of doctors, rescuers drivers, police, citizens and people waiting for the emergency vehicles. The system aims to increase the chances of saving the lives of people and to reduce the negative consequences of little timely intervention due to traffic, typical of large cities, especially at peak times.

Safety Go implements the traffic light priority with a simple click from a Smartphone or Tablet and not require dedicated devices, installed in a vehicle.

Safety GO

System components

The Safety GO System is made up of the following components::

  • Application (APP) installed on smartphones or tablet, of the vehicle passengers to give priority. Mobile devices must be connected to Internet and must be equipped with the GPS system;
  • TMacs Cloud Server that acts as a central feature of the software platform with System Control (central business unit);
  • Actuator, connected through the Internet network to the Central Server. Traffic Light Actuator receives requests of priority and transfers them to the traffic light controller via a data link or via relay outputs;
  • Client SW, connected to the Central Server, allows the the administrator to enable the APP of the users, to set priority codes, to set preferential routes for the green wave, to set the types of interaction with traffic lights, to monitor the steps and the position of authorized users;
  • Control Center to manage and to enable identities.



The system runs on any kind of vehicles, without installing inside any device. It is sufficient that one of the operators activates Safety GO App from Smartphone or Tablet.


In case of emergency, Safety GO allows the emergency and law enforcement appointees to act quickly, getting the green light on traffic junctions with full safety irrespective of the vehicle used.


Safety GO prevents and reduces road accidents close to the traffic junction to ensure the safety of citizens and rescuers.


In addition to granting the green light to the rescue vehicles with a higher level of safety, enables the activation of the traffic light priority for the police, public transports, school buses, taxis with different levels of lower priority.

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