Red Safe Light

Red Safe Light is the solutions that aims at improving road safety for pedestrians displaying directly on the sidewalk the red light of pedestrian traffic lights. In this way, even the red light will be highly visible even to pedestrians distracted by their smartphones.

The goal is preventing traffic injuries and accidents which involve mostly pedestrians.

Red Safe Light is the red-colored linear light projection on the road floor a few meters in front of the crosswalk.

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  • Voltage: DC 9V-60V
  • Illumination angle: Narrow spot with light effect in rectangular line
  • Number of LED: n°6, 5W LEDs Cree
  • Colour: Red Light
  • Illumination power: 1400Lum
  • Water resistance: IP67
  • Working Temperature: -40° + 80°
  • Lifetime: almost 30.000 hours
  • Power input: 30W
  • Power factor PF 0,95
  • Harmonic distortions THDi 10%



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