RSL Galileo

Red Safe Light: improves pedestrian safety

Inserted in a special traffic light body in polycarbonate of reduced dimensions designed to house it, Red Safe Light is the red light bar designed to alert the most distracted pedestrians.
Thanks to the study of a special “RSL” projection optics, it allows the entire area in front of the strips of the pedestrian crossing to be covered with a RED light bar, connected to the same light as the pedestrian traffic light, with the specific purpose of alerting users distracted by their mobile devices.
Thanks to a special orientation system of the “RSL” optical unit, it allows any adjustment capable of adapting to the geometries of the pedestrian crossing even if the traffic light pole is shifted and far away from the horizontal crossing signs.


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  • Inserted in a polycarbonate case for combination with lanterns from the Galileo and CVE lines
  • Module measurements: width 26.5cm depth 20.4cm height 13.2cm
  • IP67 bright optics
  • Direct 12-36v or 230vac power supply transformed directly into the traffic light
  • Luminous intensity greater than 3000 candelas
  • 500 Lux on the ground
  • Ground projection up to 5.5 meters long and 20 cm wide
  • Lighting angle: narrow spot with in-line light effect
  • Number of LEDs: 6 x 5W Cree LEDs
  • Color: red light
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Operating temperature -40 + 65 °C
  • Lifespan: approximately 30,000 hours
  • Input power 30w
  • Power factor pf 0.95
  • Harmonic distortions thdi 10%
  • All fixing systems available in continuity with the Galileo traffic light head or as a retrofit for Galileo and CVE


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