Centralizable Traffic Controller

RSC centralizable traffic controller is a modular system developed by La Semaforica for meeting any requirement of traffic management, of any nature and complexity..

It has been developed and built in compliance to standards of UNI EN 12675 and it is supplied with CE Certification.

CE Certification obtained Acc. to EN:12675

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It is based on a multiprocessor structure, and it is made up by a central control unit that can be extended to an industrial PC 32 bit and by a series of remote microprocessors for the management of inputs and outputs.

It is formed by modular Eurocard boards (100 mm x 160 mm) lodged in a rack 19” 3/6U with polarized connectors according to DIN 41612, and provided with a front panel with a wide LCD display 80 characters, in order to make the interface with end users easy and intuitive.

Main functions

  • Flashing
  • All red
  • Manual with remote control
  • Automatic with fixed times
  • Synchronized – Linked or internal timer
  • GPS Timing function
  • Actuated by the traffic flow with extension and/or cancellation of traffic phases
  • Light off features
  • Dynamic generation of traffic plan, according to traffic data collected
  • Priority system for public or emergency vehicles
  • Automatic change between summer time/daylight time
  • Monitoring of all connected lamps
  • Collection and storage of traffic data with volumetric and classification standards, collected through inductive loops and/or microwave technology
  • Centralization with dynamic plan selection or phase progress
  • Telecontrol with automatic sending of SMS or faxes, as soon as breakdowns on traffic controller arise
  • Insertion of plan through internal weekly chart
  • Insertion of plan on special dates with yearly calendar
  • Automatic storage of damages, state exchange
  • Degraded functioning with management algorithms, alarm event
  • Algorithms for management priority tramways
  • 80 characters display with vision of internal temperatures of cabinet, instantaneous power and power supply

  • Equipped for 32 signal groups (upgradble to 42)
  • Max load for each lamp output 4A
  • 32 digital inputs (upgradble to 80)
  • 32 digital outputs (optional)
  • 16 independent programs selectable by LCD panel, remote control or with internal weekly charts
  • 2 serial ports RS 232 (upgradble to 4 RS 232, 1 Ethernet port, 2 USB and 1 RS 485)
  • Detection and classification of traffic data (32 inputs on 8 length classes and 8 speed classes)
  • Centralization with TMacs System
  • Centralization with PASPA System
  • Centralization with SIGMA System (Elsag)
  • Centralization with SPOT/UTOPIA System (Mizar)
  • Connections via GPRS, leased lined
  • Fully Adaptive traffic with dynamic plan generation
  • Standard Power 230 Vac
  • 42Vac ELV Available, Safety Power
  • SDimming Function Available, Energy Saving
  • Software Open multilanguages

Controls and safety

With reference to standards of EN 12675, the traffic controller foresees a series of redundant control circuits on different hardware so as to give a complete security on all outputs.

In particular, the traffic controller is provided with the following controls:

  • “CONFLICT GREENS”: checking of incopatibility of two green lights simultaneously switched-on.
  • “INTERGREEN MATRIX”: control of inter-time a mong green lights as function of minimum times of ignition, and a progammable compatibility matrix.
  • “PROGRAM ERROR”: check of installation running program and that times programmed are correct.
  • “CURRENT CHECK”: control of a single lamp connected in parallel with other lamps.
  • “Check of wrongly switched-off lights”: control of electrocuted loads.
  • “Check of wrongly switched-on lights”: control of short-circuit cables.

Dynamic generation of traffic plan and dynamic control of traffic phases (CDF)

Purposes of the CDF control: Calculation of best Green times on any traffic lane according to measured flow and fluency noticed.
It can certainly be integrated with the normal actuated functioning.
Using both of these adjustments together bring to a perfect management of the intersection.
RSC traffic controller is able to determine and adjust in realtime the cycle times to real requirements of traffic.
The dynamic generation of plan, with reference to time change of program, allows to modify the program referring to a real request from traffic and not to a statistic theoretical calculation.

Centralized functioning

RSC can be used in MANY Centralization Systems with the following functioning mode: choosing a traffic plan with phase progress, or in synchronized systems.

The Central System developed by La Semaforica allows to choose among different operative modes. Traffic junctions are linked to one or more geographic areas, and they can be selected through a showed menu; different arms of the menu can represent either a single junction or a junctions network, containing all single junctions that can be selected independently.

Data sheet

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