Profile Traffic Electronic Classifier

PROFILE-TEC is a device with magnetic induction technology that allows the detection, tracking and classification of the vehicles based on the magnetic profile.

Detector unit for DIN rail, designed to manage from 4 to 64 vehicular loop with magnetic profile that communicates with TEC Station.

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  • Up to 64 vehicular loops management with magnetic profile classification (up to 32 lanes)
  • Storage capacity of more than 100 million vehicles, vehicle by vehicle
  • Vehicle by vehicle detection
  • Each measurement includes, type of vehicle, lane, speed, headway and vehicle length detection instant
  • Classification scheme up to 8 + 1 vehicle classes, certified to TLS Standard
  • Speed Range: 1 km/h to 255 km/h
  • Accuracy: Counting 99%, Length +/- 0.3m, Tolerance under 100 km/h +/-3 km/h, Tolerance over 100 km/h +/-3 %, Resolution 1 km/h, Typology 8+1 classes certified to TLS Standard
  • Configured and interfaced with TEC-SMacs® to display and to analyse data from the Cloud Platform, without download from local
  • Interface: Ethernet-USB
  • Power: 10-28 VDC, < 2 V


  • Accurate, reliable and low maintenance
  • Web Server inside with TEC Console local data store
  • TEC – SMacs® for visualization and data analysis from Cloud Platform, without waste from local
  • Detection insensitive to weather conditions
  • Detection up to 32 lanes
  • Modular structure
  • The magnetic profile of the vehicle allows the identification of vehicles with trailer

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