Park Man-SMacs®

Intelligent Parking Counting Solution

How it works

Park Man-SMacs® by inductive Loops placed both in the entry and exit gate’s lanes of parking lots and garages, used to count cars entering and exiting a parking facility. These counts are captured by the field through hardware device Park Man developed by La Semaforica and sent to the network “Cloud,” Platform SMacs® that allows the customers to login into the SMacs® Dashboard to see the level of “occupation” of the monitored areas (number of cars currently within a lot). These counts are also stored for long-term trend analysis, or “Lot Utilization”.

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  • Counting of vehicles or counting of free places
  • Counting from –999 up to 9999
  • 4 inputs with noise immunity, each function +/- reset individual adjustable
  • Anticoincidence input logic
  • Switch meter reading and switch hysteresis adjustable
  • Output for traffic light or other changing display
  • Storing of counter totals reading in case of power loss
  • Compact plastic housing for direct mounting on DIN-rail
  • Modem GPRS configured on SMacs® Platform


  • No Maintenance required
  • Delivered ready for installation
  • Waterproof case
  • Configured and interfaced to SMacs®
  • Includes mounting brackets
  • Installation above ground


We count vehicles with over 99% accuracy.

Web Access

Credentials to access to the web portal SMacs ® with informations available for both the manager and for the ordinary citizen.

Alert System

Real Time alert at specific thresholds.

Data storage

Free access to the database to obtain the temporal trend of the monitored data for statistical purposes.

System widening

Possibility of integration with other modules and/or sensors maintaining the same platform.

Real Time sending of each detection

Through GPRS Modem..

Remote control and alerting

Through the Platform SMacs® you can manage your data and be alerted in real time to the occurrence of any critical condition.

Parking guidance with dynamic management of variable message signs

Through the Platform SMacs® you can communicate dynamically with variable message signs (Tool: Macs Visual) to inform which park booths are free on all the Parking areas monitored.


  • Push notifications on Space Availability to drivers via Smartphone Apps.
  • Track Historic Lot Utilization trends for future planning.
  • Accurate vehicle counting in parking areas.
  • Increase your Permit Oversell Ratio increasing the efficiency of service.
  • Parking counting Station by real time transferring data to the Cloud SMacs® Smart City Platform.

Data sheet

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