“Compact” traffic controller

The LS30 traffic controller is a microprocessor control system suitable to manage 2 traffic light groups composed of 8 lamp outputs (2 of which are auxiliary) and 8 programmable digital inputs.

The man-machine interface has been particularly treated by equipping the LS30 with a large 80-character LCD display to always provide a clear and intuitive indication of the operating status; it also provides monitoring and recording of the temperature, of the mains voltage and of the power absorbed by the system in real time, fundamental information in case of anomalies or faults.

The LS30 was built exclusively with solid state components in accordance with all EC directives, has passed all the tests required by industry regulations, in particular respects the provisions of 50556: 2011-02.

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The traffic controller mod. LS30 has been designed to manage traffic light systems such as alternating one-way traffic lights or pedestrian call lights on one-way roads.

The controller is able to store information relating to traffic and to ensure at all times the control and transmission of information to the entities involved.

  • Multi-card structure for easy maintenance.
  • 6 lamp outputs (2 groups), all controlled in current so as to report the failure of the individual light with any decreasing or increasing loads.
  • 2 auxiliary outputs that can be set as lamp output, flashes, relays, etc.
  • 8 programmable digital inputs
  • 8 different autonomous programs in the structure and time selectable from the LCD panel, remote control or from internal weekly tables that can be programmed via RS 232 serial port via PC.
  • 1 RS232 serial port
  • Fully programmable ON-SITE.
  • Access password to change the system times also from the LCD panel.
  • Maximum load for 800W lamps output
  • Centralized with GSM / GPRS technology on the TMacs platform
  • Programming software in Italian / English
  • User interface with display and keyboard for configuring the functional parameters.

  • Flashing
  • All Red
  • Manual with push-button or remote control via radio
  • Automatic with fixed times
  • Synchronized
  • Implemented by traffic with suppression and / or extension phases
  • Preference to public transport and emergency vehicles
  • Automatic change to summer / winter time according to standard or user-programmed dates
  • Monitoring in voltage and current of all the connected lamps to check and report any anomalies through the TMacs platform
  • Remote control with automatic transmission of messages via modem to the occurrence of faults on the controller.

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