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Light Engineering Tag Information

Thanks to a TAG inserted in the ZEBRA pedestrian reservation devices, installed on acoustic traffic lights, and the exclusive LoRa communication system, LETIsmart is able to create a direct communication between the VOCE white cane usually supplied to blind / partially sighted citizens and acoustic sounders for the blind.

The two-way communication allows the user to receive audio information from the walking stick regarding the references of the pedestrian crossing and to INTERACT with the traffic light itself, ALL from his own white cane.

The radio interface sends encrypted communication on the LoRa band at 868Mhz to keep the system secure and uses a dedicated protocol to avoid overlapping between different devices.

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The system therefore allows you to activate the directional sound of the beacon (LETIsmart TAG) to be guided to the exact crossing point but above all it allows to activate the acoustic traffic light at the next green light cycle WITHOUT the need to search for the pole and / or button.

This reduces the risks for the user to end up in the middle of the busy roadway and eliminates the button search time, avoiding getting dirty.

The electronics are the result of a careful and in-depth engineering study that led to a considerable miniaturization of the circuit, making it easy to adapt to even the smallest enclosures on the market with zero visual impact and without affecting the overall size and weight.

Tmacs takes care of receiving the call signal of the visually impaired users from their cane and develops an ad hoc traffic light plan designed on specific needs with increased crossing times and above all with longer intermediate times for improved safety.

Every call made through the system is recorded and the logs are stored at the control center for future reference both for statistical purposes and in case of need for any disputes in the event of an accident.


  • allows to make pedestrian calls using just the cane supplied to visually impaired users without the need to press the button of the traffig light system,
  • allows to identify the direction of the crossing,
  • allows the dialogue with the traffic lights system.

In addition to being used in traffic lights, LETI SMART can also be implemented for the following uses:

  • urban infromation system (public events, temporary road construction sites, etc.)
  • indoor commercial communications such as shops, bars, post offices, banks, etc.
  • information on BUS and TAXI
  • information on TRAINS AND TRAM

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