Pedestrian presence detection

“HEIMDALL is the Watchman of the Gods in Norse mytholodgy. “He requires less sleep than a bird and can see a hundred miles around him, by night as well as by day“

  • Full family of detector solutions
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Immune to changing light conditions
  • Easy replacement of previously installed units
  • Advanced radar technology
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UK Highways Agency specifications: TR2505
EMC: EN50293
Radio approval: EN 300 440

Supply voltage
24V AC ± 20% (48 to 63 Hz), or 24 V DC ± 20%

Typical power draw
143mA (AC)
113mA (DC)
186mA (AC) – with wireless or serial data options
147mA (DC) – with wireless or serial data options

Operating frequenciese
24.05 GHz a 24.25 GHz
13.4 GHz a 14.0 GHz (kerbside and On-crossing)

150mm (h) x 135mm (w) x 90mm (d) (to the bottom of mounting bracket))

Less than 1.6 kg

Standard connection
Defined Bulgin Buccaneer connector

Terminal access

Although most set-up and simple diagnostic tasks can be undertaken without the need to use a PC, access to advanced settings and performance data is provided via a simple handset interface.

Identical in operation to similar facilities provided on Siemens controllers and many other Siemens products, this interface can be accessed at the detector via a PC, using widely available terminal software, without the need to purchase propriety software tools.


Where terminal access is required for configuration and maintenance purposes at ground level, all Heimdall detectors can be fitted with a Siecom Bluetooth option.

PCs utilising Siemens’ Siecom software, offer highly secure wireless communication with these detectors, and the Siecom features allow the configuration of many detectors within a region to be easily managed.

Additional outputs
Typically, each Heimdall detector offers a single isolated ‘solid state’ output to indicate target detection. An additional output may also be specified to provide further detector output data or a dedicated detector fault output as required.

Serial data
For advanced applications, Heimdall detectors can be equipped with a serial communications facility to enable the detector status, configuration parameters and vehicle data – such as speed and occupancy to be accessed remotely.

Utilising industry standard RS485 two-wire serial communications, a number of detectors can be attached to a common pair of lines which can be interrogated on an individual basis via Siemens’ widely used SiTos communication protocol.

Detector versions


  • Operating range: Up to12m.
  • Crossing width: Typically up to at least 4m.
  • Pedestrian minimum threshold speed < 0.5m/s
  • Detector location: Either side of crossing – no special adjustment needed to avoid interference between units.
  • Detector mounting height: Various heights (above the ground) can be accommodated from 3.0m to 4.5m


  • Operating range: Wait areas up to 4.5m wide (DIP switch setting for short and long wait areas)
  • Wait area width – typically 1.0m (typical 2.0m adjacent to pedestrian demand unit)
  • Fully static detection of pedestrians
  • Detector location: On pole with associated Pedestrian demand unit.
  • Detector mounting height: Various heights (above the ground) can be accommodated from 3.3m to 4.0m

Data sheet

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