Ecologic traffic light with an innovative design

Marcatura CE disponibile su richiesta eseguita presso ente notificato secondo EN12368:2006

LA SEMAFORICA, a company with over 65 years of experience in the construction of traffic-lights, presents a new revolutionary product : GALILEO.

The innovative design, the compact and modern shape, the environmental friendliness, obtained by using an exclusive low power Led lighting source, make GALILEO the traffic light of the twenty first century.

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GALILEO is a contemporary, stylish and slim traffic light. It is has a CE certification according to EN12368:2006 and offers the following benefits:

  • ECO compatible, it respects the environments by reducing the emission of CO2, derived from electricity production
  • Slim and modern design, it is ideal to use it in historical city and town centers
  • Use of STARLED2 optic as light source
  • Available in diameter 200 and 300 mm, modular & hybrid version, with red aspect of 300 mm, yellow and green of 200 mm.
  • Strong and durable, it’s producted with first choice polycarbonate
  • Not accessible by unauthorized operators, but also designed to simplify and reduce manteinance
  • Available in standard colours: black, green and other colours
  • Horizontal and vertical installation with catchers sunshades
  • CVE previous model traffic light attacks available, also the accessories such as contrast panels and mask with all symbols
  • Available two types of coupled rings to choose two different views
  • Weight reduced by 20% compared to others traffic lights in market
  • Better security and visibility with operating costs reduced by 90%, compared to traditional traffic light with incandescent lamp

Developed following the idea of turning traffic lights in an innovative product, Galileo has smooth curves reminding the perfect cicles of the compass invented by Galileo Galilei. By using only LEDs, Galileo is not only the most revolutionary Italian traffic light, but it’s also environmentally friendly.

Galileo is vailable in two configurations, depending on the costumer’s preferred style. By changing the coupling ring between the modules, it can have either a traditional style or a new shape where the three modules seems to be independent.

From a more technical point of view, Galileo has quick graft doors, opening to 180° for easier access, two latch-point, with a system that allows only trained technicians to open it, lenses moulded with doors.

The visor hood connect quickly with four anti-accidental fall fixing points.

Modular support fastening, on pole diameter 102 mm, upper, lower or equal, with anti-rotation system, usable and compatible with the majority of other supports, supplied by other manifacturers. The same fastening (fixing brackets B/U) can be set, with band-it metal clamps.

Available on request, fastening for overhead pole or special attacks.


This innovative traffic light with LED optical system offers several benefits compared to traditional solution with incandescent bulbs. The main advantages are:

  • Reduction of maintenance costs thanks to:

Consumption reduced of 90%

No need of maintenance or lamp change

Higher lifetime (about 10 years)

  • higher safety thanks to the reduction of phantom effect, which is the cause of false signals due to sun rays reflection
  • Also available all the directional masks and oher simbols

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