Visibility Sensor Station

Control of the weather scenario

The climatic conditions can disrupt significantly the traffic performance.

The reduction of visibility is one of the primary causes of accidents and reduces significantly the safety conditions of the road network , the opportunity to replace to the interpretation of those driving a tool that determines with certainty the distance of maximum visibility becomes a tool essential to reduce the risk of accident . It requires that the institutions need to act promptly to inform users of the road, civil protection etc. of the possible danger.

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Detection of visibility’s conditions

  • Wide Range
  • Accuracy

Maximum accuracy of measurements

  • Range: 10÷2000 metri
  • Accuracy: (+/- 10%)

Real time sending of each detection

  • Through GPRS Modem.

Remote control and alerting

Through the Platform SMacs® you can manage your data and be alerted in real time to the occurrence of any critical condition.

Dynamic management of VMS

Through the Platform SMacs® you can communicate dynamically with variable message signs (Tool: Macs Visual) to inform which is the speed limit allowed due to the visibility on time measured, leaving no room for interpretation of the driver.

System contents

  • Visibility sensor LUFFT VS-20 UMB with Manufacturer Test Certificate.
  • Data acquisition station Weather-SMacs® designed and configured for your Visibility Sensor.
  • GPRS data modem to enable constant communication with the Control Center (SIM not included).
  • Web SW Macs® Weather to communicate and be alerted in real time on the Platform for Smart City SMacs ®.
  • Wiring

Web Access

Credentials to access to the web portal SMacs® with informations available for both the manager and for the ordinary citizen.

Alert System

Real Time alert at specific thresholds.

Data Storage

Free access to the database to obtain the temporal trend of the monitored data for statistical purposes.

System Widening

Possibility of integration with other modules and/or sensors maintaining the same platform


  • Knowing with accuracy the distance of visibility allows to communicate the speed limit allowed.
  • Automatic alert via variable message signs allows to increase the security.
  • Centralized control provides the manager with all the necessary data to best decide which solutions to adopt.
  • Innovative technologies for the detection of fog presence and 24 hours a day connection to SMacs® Platform.

Data sheet

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