Movable traffic lights for road works


  • Strong trolleys in painted steel
  • Easy to carry, thanks to the fastening system of the pole complete of traffic lights
  • Foldable pole to save space in transport and storage
  • Reliable thanks to the new microprocessor electronic control
  • Good visibility thanks to red aspect diam. 300 mm
  • Homologated traffic lights with Led optical system
  • Available also the version with radar, for the detection of the stationary vehicles, in order to have the best time management



  • LED luminous signs
  • Red diameter: 300 mm, yellow and green diameter: 200 mm
  • Led optics homologated according to UNI EN12368:2006
  • Functioning for 72 hours continuosly with 12V 50Ah battery
  • Weight: 58 Kg for a couple (battery excluded)
  • Also available radio comunication and vehicle presence sensor model for attuated manage of traffic light times
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Functioning description

This traffic lights junction works without connection cables, and the quartz synchronization allows to keep the set times, once the controller has been started up. Phase times can be set by end user and the electronic device runs the following controls:

  • check of correct functioning of all lamps
  • check of the charge level of the battery
  • show of the breakdowns on the two-digit display of the controller device

Power supply

Power supply of the traffic lights is carried out with 12V batteries 50 A/h, or through electric cable from main voltage and a couple of power suppliers, one in each trolley.

Dimensions (without sun visors)

HeightOpenfrom 1800 up to 2050mm
Closed700 mm

Data sheet

Download the technical sheet of this product

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