Dynamic display with LED graphic matrix

The new Matrix lantern is equipped with a revolutionary graphic matrix communication system through which it is possible to operate by means of a local command and control system or, in the ‘plus’ version, by remote connection.

Through the remote connection on the TMACS platform it is possible to use Matrix as a dynamic communication display wiht the outside world.

In the extended concept of SMART CITIES, it is possible to range from the ordinary use as a dynamic traffic light countdown display to the possibility of transmitting information related to vehicle, pedestrian and cycle mobility.

High resolution and prestigious technical features make it suitable for a wide range of uses, such as the management of moving or variable images depending on the level values to be displayed, such as hourglasses, stopwatches, animated pedestrians, etc.

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  • Dynamic display capable of performing animations
  • Available with 300 mm lenses
  • High resolution
  • Remote management through the TMACS platform
  • Wide choice of image databases
  • Integrated on STARLED housings and on the various traffic light frames from our range of products.

Data sheet

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