CVE Led Series

Polycarbonate traffic light with LED optics

Italian Government approval n. 30014 of the 24/03/2009 and CE certification EN12368:2006 obtained from a qualified laboratory.

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The new energy saving technology has the following principal features:

  • Improved visibility over the traditional bulbs and therefore improved safety for road transports
  • Reduced consumption, up to 90% less than the traditional bulbs
  • Longer lifetime. About 20 times longer than the traditional bulbs (10 years) > 100.000 hours
  • Maintenance free
  • Ease to install in place of the bulbs without replacing the whole signal head

The CVE-LED signal head is a modular system of stackable elements Ø 210 mm and 300 mm.

Rapid insertion doors with two locking points that prevent it from accidentally fall. The doors can open/rotate 90°. The lenses are molded with the doors.

Quick insertion sun visor. Different locking position allow the signal head to be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

Brackets for modular supports for Ø 102 mm poles. They can be used with Band-It and, upon request, can be provided with adapters for flat surfaces.

Upon request, the signal head can be provided with holders for overhead poles or wires.

Waterproof electrical connections with a terminal box in the body of the signal head.


Polycarbonate with an elevated mechanical strength, colored at the origin in paste, UV stabilised, autoestinguishing.

Available in the standard colors: green, yellow and black.

Upon request it can be produced in other colors, like gray, or in a combination of colors, like gray/black.


Traffic lights LED module with 4 high luminosity and efficiency Rebel LEDs. The module is self contained and has a protection degree IP55. It includes the electronic driver and a double lens: Fresnel lens to widen the beam and external lens to stabilise the optics. The external lens can be colored in paste or have a neutral color.

The external lens is molded with the door of the signal head and the LED module can be lock screwed onto it, making it easy to maintain or to insert arrows or other symbols.

Plastic masks with an anti-rotation system and all the symbols used in Italy are available, other can be produced upon request.


The same traffic light is also available with E27 bulb holder, contact us for more information.


LEDs signal heads have several advantages over the traditional ones with incandescent bulbs. The main advantages are:

  • Reduced costs, due to the reduced consumption and the absence of maintenance

longer lifetime (about 10 years)

  • Increased safety due to the reduced phantom effect
  • Available with all the arrow and symbols used in Italy and different ones upon request

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