Green Pedestrian Dynamic Traffic Lights

LA SEMAFORICA italian market leader in the development and construction of traffic lights, introduces CD/DYN, to widen and complete the pedestrian traffic lights series CVE LED, GALILEO, GIOTTO.

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The new pedestrian traffic lights improved with a green pedestrian dynamic module allows the pedestrians to cross the Zebra with more safety due to the dynamic mode that keeps walking during the green phases up to the switching on of the standard Stop red pedestrian in the upper aspect.

It can be coupled with even the Countdown series as it’s self- learning phases time, after 1 entirely cycle it understands the phases timing and starts to run properly.

It can be fit inside all our series of traffic lights such as CVE and Galileo , polycarbonate housing made, and Giotto/Totem Giotto, aluminium housings made, as well as can be sold singularly coming with a complete led module case IP65 and manufactured according to EN 12368 normative, CE marked.

Available on dimensions both d200 and d300 mm , Low consumption ( < 9 W ), available with drivers 12/24 Vdc or 230 Vac ; 50/60 HZ dressed of a 5 year warranty as all the STARLED2 series.


  • VIBRATION according to EN 12368
  • IMPACT IR3 according to EN60598-1


  • Traffic lights housing IP55
  • Led Module STARLED IP65 according to EN60529


  • Class A, B, C from -40 up to + 60 ° C


  • The dynamic module comes already installed inside the housing as per all the other usual led module
  • In case of order of the just dynamic module without traffic light housing, i twill come with the IP65 module case, the electronics and the transparent external lens.


  • The dynamic pedestrian module is actually available with just the green dynamic aspect and can be fitted in all our range of signal heads housings.


  • Novel design with beautiful appearance
  • Low power consumption
  • High efficiency and brightness
  • Large viewing angle
  • Long lifespan-50,000-80,000 hours
  • Multi-layer sealed and waterproof
  • Exclusive optical lensing and good color uniformity
  • Long viewing distance
  • Keep up with CE, GB14887-2007, ITE EN12368 and relevant international standards

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