Highest Processing Power Interactive Traffic Controllers

Cartesio is the innovative traffic controller made by La Semaforica. Designed with winsome Italian style, it combines the highest processing power with the highest interactivity and scalability levels. Based on the long-time experience of La Semaforica in traffic control sector, Cartesio’s traffic control algorithms are field-proven for over ten years. In order to be used in every traffic environment, it is fully adaptable to every interface for road traffic control: from the standard and most used to the custostomers specific ones.

In few and simple steps it can be configured for managing just a single junction or a more complex junction groups. Furthermore its highest integrability degree allows Cartesio to easily become part of a pre-existing traffic control system, being controlled by a third-part control centre.

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Easy and safe programming

With Cartesio programming and monitoring operations become easier like never before.
An interactive and comfortable 7” Touch-screen or an easy-to-use LCD display makes the on-site user experience comfortable and safe. The Bluetooth connectivity allows the maintenance user to interact with the controller in a safe way by means of his tablet or smartphone, avoiding the danger linked to the high voltages inside the street cabinet or avoiding to open the controller cabinate in case of harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, storm, etc…). Moreover the several wired and radio communication interfaces available (WiFi, Ethernet, 2G/3G/4G Modems) make all the on-site operations possible directly from the control centre, in addition to the usual remote control functionalities.

Careful to customer needs

Cartesio comes out in two different versions, C and S, in order to satisfy all the possible customers requests: from the cheapest and basic to the most expensive and complex ones in terms of price and complexity of the traffic junctions system.

In relation to his own needs, customer can choose the proper controller size , version and the desired communication interface/s between the available ones.

Functional and electrical safety

Cartesio is supplied with CE marking, in accordance with Low Voltage Directive (LVD – Reg. EN50556:2011) and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC – Reg. EN50293:2012). This traffic controller has been designed in order to satisfy the requirements of the EN12675:2000 regulation, in particular the following controls are implemented:

  • voltage and current monitoring are performed on the controller outputs;
  • conflict greens and intergreen matrix;
  • check of wrongly switched-on/off lights (control of short-circuit cables/electrocuted loads);
  • external input signals failure detection is available;
  • errors and customizable-events logging function available;
  • national signal sequences fault detection available.

Data sheet

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