Our product lines

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights with latest LED modules generation, with a wide range of different housing shape, size, color.

Traffic Controllers

Multitasking Traffic Controllers of latest generation, user-friendly and useful for many different I.T.S. purposes

Traffic Management Systems

Advanced solutions for traffic management, multi-tool software and app based, conceived for a smarter management of your city.

Traffic Data Survey Systems

Modern Traffic Data collector and classifier systems, enable to integrate a more accurate Smart City Management.

Environmental Monitoring

The latest Road Monitoring and detection systems to improve and control the safety of people and drivers.

Speed Displays

Variable message signs, Municipality info panels, speed display panels easy to use to improve communication with users along the route of roads.

Luminous Signs

Lighting products and reporting in sensitive road sections which help to improve safety.

Sentry Boxes

Sentry boxes for the reception of policemen to be located in hot spots of the city for the purpose of prevention and protection in the urban area.

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